August, 2013

Is the Matrix a Syndicate Wars ripoff?

When the Matrix movie came out in 1999, it was praised not only for its impressive special effects and intense fighting scenes, but also for its intelligent plot. The central plot point of the movie is the discovery by the protagonist that the seemingly normal world he was living in is in fact fake. In […]

XCOM expansion will have body modifications

Firaxis is working on an expansion to their 2012 game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, called XCOM: Enemy Within. One of the new features it will have is body modifications for your soldiers: A screenshot on RPS shows “Gene mods”, i.e. the possibility to upgrade brain, eyes, chest, skin or legs of your soldiers. Sounds familiar? Well, […]

5LS on office equipment and story / UI brainstorming

In an update on the Kickstarter comment section, Mike lets us know that the team has moved into the new office and spent their first work day there. He goes into some details of the equipment which they apparently bought rather cheap from recently liquidated companies. In more directly game related news, Mike added the […]

5LS office / Kickstarter money update

MikeD posted a small update on the Kickstarter comment page a few days ago. We learn that they have signed a contract for an office and will be getting set up there as soon as next week. It will still take some time, however, until they have fast internet available there. The moving seems to […]

Evolution of Syndicate music

With Russell Shaw on the project, Satellite Reign is certain to sound good. Here’s a little recap of the music on the Syndicate games. You will all be familiar with this one: What is amazing from today’s perspective is that this 5 min track is, I believe, the entire soundtrack. There’s basically only two themes: […]

The people behind Satellite Reign

Here is a little bit of information about each one of the 5LS team, and a few others who are involved in the making of Satellite Reign. All information is from public sources like LinkedIn profiles, Wikipedia, personal webpages or interviews. Chris Conte – The man with the ‘distinctly fondle-worthy’ beard is the designer on […]

Backer involvement

In the first update after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, 5 Lives Studios mentioned that they want the backers to be actively involved in the making of the game: We want everyone who’s backed us to get involved. We’ll be organising the backer surveys to send out over the next few weeks and setting […]

New interview on VideoGameRebellion

There’s a new interview with Chris Conte up on Video Game Rebellion. No real news, but we do learn that the funding total is now at £482,620, and Chris has the following to say about the team’s next steps: We are in the process of setting up an office at the moment. Getting the internet […]

Matters of perspective

Syndicate Wars differed from the original Syndicate in a number of areas, the most significant change undoubtedly being the jump from 2D to 3D graphics. It was very early days for 3D and although groundbreaking at the time, the 3D implementation did bring some problems. One issue is that the freely rotating camera made it […]

Syndicate fan art #1

Over on deviantart, there’s a number of nice Syndicate fanart pieces. So during times when there is not much news on the game itself, I will from time to time post some Syndicate fanart here. The first one is simply titled ‘Syndicate’ and was uploaded to deviantart in 2008 by ~PitchBlackYetis. What you see here […]