August, 2013

The Death Penalty

One of the topics discussed in the second developer chat was the death of an agent. As you know, in Syndicate and Syndicate Wars there was perma-death, which means that once an agent is dead, her or she is gone, and you have to recruit a new one from the cryo chamber. The penalty is […]

On the road towards stretch goal #4

The latest official number we have for the total amount of funding is £481,739.75. That number is from August 6th and it includes errored Kickstarter pledges. The PayPal-pledges have probably gone up a bit since then, however we can’t calculate an exact number at this point because it is not known how many of the […]

Green light for Satellite Reign on Steam

Hot on the heels of the news that Satellite Reign has advanced to position #4 on the Steam Greenlight program, the game has been officially greenlit today. The team’s reaction on Twitter: @SatelliteReign: Greenlit on steam! Oh yeah! :)

5 Lives Studios setting up shop

5 Lives Studios, the team behind Satellite Reign, revealed in a recent Kickstarter update that they have been scouting for office space and that they have found a promising one, hoping to get set up there by the end of August. They are also talking to “accountants and lawyers” and moving furniture.

Could the Kickstarter have gone better with a lower base price?

There has been a bit of controversy over reward tier pricing of Satellite Reign. The impetus of the discussion came from an article on RPS, where the author criticized the pricing model in strong words: 5 Live Studios horrendously screwed up their reward tiers, and frankly they’re lucky to be funded at all. Starting game-purchasing […]