September, 2013

Post-KS pledge upgrading now possible

It looks like it’s now possible to upgrade your pledge via the official Satellite Reign website. If you go to the pledge section, you should see a new option to upgrade. The official announcement is probably imminent. update 29. sept.: this appeared on the forum: Everyone is in our system now (what a “fun” experience […]

GOG: Syndicate Series promotion

GOG has a special promotion for the Syndicate Series going on right now. It is called Classic Gem Promo: Syndicate Series and let’s you buy Syndicate and Syndicate Wars DRM-Free for the low price of $3.58. The offer is only valid for 24 hours, though.

Database merging delayed?

There appears to be a delay with the recently announced merging of the databases. A number of people are saying that they haven’t received their notification e-mail yet (I haven’t received mine either). So what’s going on? On Sept. 16th Chris posted this on the forum: @jorgka & @Ronin … all of this is coming… […]

Bladerunner inspired music: Cult of Luna – Vertikal (2012)

To tide you over while there’s no actual Satellite Reign news, here’s a music tip that is at least vaguely related: The latest album by Swedish post-metal band Cult of Luna has taken some obvious nods from the classic Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis – Bladerunner of course being a big inspiration for Syndicate Wars and […]

New article/interview on Red Bull UK

A new article/interview popped up over at Red Bull UK. Did you know that Red Bull now does gaming news? I certainly didn’t… Anyway, I don’t do a post about each new press item (usually I just add it to the list on the press coverage subpage), but this one is quite detailed and does […]

5LS: database merging in progress

Another short update from 5LS via Kickstarter: They are in the process of merging the Kickstarter user information with their own database. When completed, it will allow users to check and upgrade their pledges on the Satellite Reign website. The backer forum should also go online at that point. Backers should receive an e-mail over […]

Dev Diary #01

5LS posted an update on Kickstarter and on the Satellite Reign webpage, titled Dev Diary #01. The team has settled in at the new office (still waiting for Internet access) and they explain their next steps: […] we already have the project set up in Perforce [a revision control system, -Lou], and are starting to […]

Syndicate fan art #2

Here’s another piece of Syndicate fan art from deviantart. The piece is simply titled Eurocorp Agent, by user ~PitBOTTOM. It’s from 2012 and likely to be made in reference to the FPS by Starbreeze, but the agent look of course goes back to the original Syndicate:

News tidbits

Various news tidbits today: Mike and Chris supposedly gave a talk at Brisbane Unity Developers meetup today, according to this announcement. It is not known whether there will a recording or report of the talk. Satellite Reign was mentioned in the Unite 2013 keynote, which you can watch here. The mention is very brief and […]