November, 2013

Satellite Reign Wiki

Someone set up a Satellite Reign wiki over at gamepedia. There are only 5 articles at the moment, but it looks like a promising start and of course – as it is a wiki – everyone is invited to contribute and help improve it. It may be worth pointing out here that there is also […]

Stretch goal #5 reached: Writer and new factions/districts

The counter on the satellitereign website has passed $755’000 (currently at $755’495), which means that the fifth stretch goal has been reached! This will allow 5LS to bring Russell Zimmerman on board as writer, and we will see two new factions (The Eternals, Red Mafia) and two new districts (The Grid, Industrial) added to the […]

Dev Diary #3: Preproduction progress

Head over this way to read the latest dev diary by 5 Lives Studios. It is about progress in their preproduction work and covers varying the appearance of citizens, environment prototypes and some information about root animations and AI programming. There’s also a new background image for backers!

Press coverage of the motion capturing video

A few new press pieces on Satellite Reign have popped up around the net. They are mostly covering the latest video update by 5Ls on motion capturing. If you somehow missed that or want a reminder, you can read the coverage at VG247, incgamers, or the very imaginatively named

Subliminal messages in Satellite Reign teaser video?

Christian over at has made an interesting discovery in the Satellite Reign teaser video. He noticed that three words pop up for very short periods in the video (at seconds 1, 12, 26). Since they show up only for split seconds and can barely be read, he suggests that they could be subliminal messages, […]