December, 2013

Satellite Reign expected to go into full production early 2014

There is a thread about the Release Timeline over on the forums, and Chris posted this in it: We have a a loose schedule atm as we are still in pre production. We expect to go into full production early next year and should be able to give everyone a bit more of an idea […]

Dev Diary #4

Head over to the official Satellite Reign website to read the latest dev diary. It includes a confirmation of the latest stretch goal reached, concept art for buildings, and information about the Red Star and Eternals factions. Also, the backer forum is now up.

The Question of Permadeath

The matter of agent death has been discussed on Satellite News before (read it here). Recently, a thread on that topic has emerged over on the official forum and drew the attention of one of the devs, Chris. Several forum users mention that they would like to see permadeath in the game – at least […]