December, 2014

New patch out, v.

As announced here, a new patch has been released on Steam. Here are the details: A new update is out just in time for the holidays! – Cars now explode in an appropriate fashion. Use this to clear out traffic jams until the traffic system is less broken! – Further fixes to save and load […]

Patch 0.2.9

A new patch has gone live on Steam, which brings the game to 0.2.9. It includes a ton of bugfixes and some new features. Full patch notes: Update Version 0.2.9 Release Notes 18 DECEMBER – OUKRUK NOTE: Lots of fixes have been put in place for the save game in this release. This does mean […]

Early Access release: Reactions and Discussions

A couple of days have passed since Satellite Reign has gone live as Early Access on Steam. Since then, interest in the game has spiked. A number of “first impression” articles have gone up around the web, twitter users are twittering their excitement, and the new discussion forum on Steam has seen a lot of […]

Steam Early Access build is live

The Steam Early-Access version of Satellite Reign has been unleashed to the masses today. This build has the number 0.2.7 and is an updated version of what was earlier released to alpha/beta tier backers. Those people who have not backed the game on Kickstarter or later through the Satellite Reign website can now purchase Early […]