5LS developer interview at Dajmin

A new interview has gone up at Dajmin. In the interview, Chris and Dean answer some questions about the development of Satellite Reign. Topics include how the project came about, going indie and the Kickstarter campaign, among other things. Here’s a quote about the motivation to make the game:

[…] The Syndicate series was a game changer, we all loved the titles, Mike was fortunate enough to work on the series. But since the series ended there has been a real lack of similar titles, we all really wanted to play a game of that genre and setting but none were being developed so why not make it ourselves?

Regarding mission design, they emphasize their goal of giving the player a lot of freedom to explore:

Exploration and the freedom to choose your own path have been key elements from the initial inception of the game.

Backers may also like this tidbit of information:

Alpha and Beta backers are going to be given a version of the game much earlier than they may have expected actually. […]

Read the entire interview here.

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