5LS office / Kickstarter money update

MikeD posted a small update on the Kickstarter comment page a few days ago. We learn that they have signed a contract for an office and will be getting set up there as soon as next week. It will still take some time, however, until they have fast internet available there. The moving seems to be well on its way, judging by the latest Twitter update:

@SatelliteReign: Long day of moving stuff into the new office.

In the Kickstarter update, Mike also has a little bit of information about the Kickstarter funds to share:

In other good news the GBP to AU exchange rate has moved a bit in our favour so we actually have a little more money than expected also the drop out rate was fairly low on the pledges, so all good things..

Read the entire update, including the latest on Chris’ beard, here.

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