5LS: We have ideas about what we want to do with the franchise

While the game is being updated frequently on Steam Early access (current build is v0.86) and is getting ever closer to the 1.0 release, a new interview with two members of the 5LS team has popped up online. It includes a brief recap of the Kickstarter experience, their views on Early Access, as well as a few vague comments about the future of the studio. A notable quote comes from Chris Conte, who says that “we have ideas about what we want to do with the franchise”. However, we are not told what those ideas are, and he adds that “everyone will just have to wait and see”.

It is also interesting to hear that they don’t seem to be interested in another Kickstarter campaign for the time being. Mitch says: “while we’d return to Kickstarter if we felt it was necessary, we’re currently planning to move forward completely independently.”

Here is the full interview.

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