Art and videos

Concept art   There are currently a few pieces of untitled concept are to be found on the satellite reign website (media section).

Concept Art #1

Concept Art #2

Concept Art #3

Concept Art #4

A few more, including agent designs, were provided on the Kickstarter campaign’s main page or in one of the updates:


Concept Art – Agents


Mech concept design

Screenshots   There are currently no actual screenshots available. However, there are a number of stills of In-Engine graphics, from the gameplay visualisation, kickstarter campaign video and tech demo:

Gameplay visualization (in Engine)


Tech demo – reflections






Busy street



Dead hammerhead


Agent with goggles


Two hammerheads

Videos 5LS has a youtube channel. So far, there is…

  1. a Kickstarter campaign teaser
  2. the Kickstarter reveal video
  3. the actual Kickstarter video
  4. developer chat one and two (transcript)
  5. the gameplay visualisation video
  6. the mission accomplished video
  7. a reflection tech demo
  8. an augmentation visualisation video.
  9. a time lapse of the team setting up their office
  10. a demonstration of the animation pipeline by Mitch
  11. a pre-alpha preview
  12. an enivornment design video
  13. the pre-alpha gameplay video

Streams There is a stream recording of…

  1. the last two hours of the Kickstarter campaign.

There used to be another stream recording of Mike Diskett playing Syndicate Wars, but it has since disappeared from Twitch because of what was described as “user error”.