Backer involvement

In the first update after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, 5 Lives Studios mentioned that they want the backers to be actively involved in the making of the game:

We want everyone who’s backed us to get involved. We’ll be organising the backer surveys to send out over the next few weeks and setting up the backers-only forum so everyone can jump in and have their say. We want the community involved in everything, from choosing T-Shirt designs and the look of the elite backer skins, to directly contributing to the design of logos and signage in the game, propaganda slogans and more.

Since then, a discussion has been going on on the official forums on the topic of backer created indoor areas. It was suggested that 5LS could provide a sort of level editor, which the backers could use to produce some indoor areas. The thread got a reply by Chris today, and although we still don’t know any details, we know at least a bit more about what the backer involvement will be like:

Hey everyone.. as MikesTeam said; we are using Unity to build the game, so we already have our level editor ready to use for us… to make another editor that was built into the game for everyone else to use would be way to expensive for us to develop… but we do want peoples input/help :D … we are looking into something others have suggested with the unity asset store and letting backers create assets and textures that could be used in the game… the Wasteland project used this and it seems to have worked out well for them …is that something that you guys would want?
– Chris

Letting backers contribute logos, slogans, textures and so on sounds great to me. They are a small team after all and it’s clever to use the ‘hivemind’ of the backer-crowd to their advantage. Some good stuff may come out of it, even if – realistically – only a small fraction of the contributions can be expected to be good enough to be usable in the game.

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