Bladerunner inspired music: Cult of Luna – Vertikal (2012)

To tide you over while there’s no actual Satellite Reign news, here’s a music tip that is at least vaguely related: The latest album by Swedish post-metal band Cult of Luna has taken some obvious nods from the classic Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis – Bladerunner of course being a big inspiration for Syndicate Wars and Satellite Reign. The Cult of Luna album cover shows some dark (futuristic?) city and there is a theme of man/machine convergence going on.

As one reviewer on Amazon put it:

There’s a progression between organic and mechanical, intense and calm, that comes together to make an awesome whole.

Here’s a taste:

For an ongoing discussion about Satellite Reign music, and some cyberpunk music tips, check out this thread on the Satellite Reign forums.

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