dev diary

Dev Diary #10: Alpha approaching

A new dev diary, number #10, is up on the Satellite News website. New screenshots, coding update, information about alpha and beta releases, a first glimpse at the soundtrack, and more!

Dev Diary #9: Info on preorder, alpha, recent videos and PAX

The ninth developer diary has gone up on the Satellite Reign homepage. It is mostly information that is already known (if you follow Satellite News, at least), but there are a few news bits. The biggest one is that they are now actively working towards an alpha release. As the Early Access release is scheduled […]

Dev Diary #08: Steam Early Access release by end of year

The latest Dev Diary by 5LS is up! Weapons, effects and environments are all looking good. There is also some information regarding release plans: We are looking at a Steam Early Access release by end of the year, and alpha and beta releases before that!

Dev Diary #07: Code update

The latest dev diary is here, and it is packed with information about the coding side of the game development. read it here.

Dev Diary #06: video preview!

Another dev diary is here, this time it’s a video preview! Looking excellent so far!

Dev Diary #05 is out: 5LS wrapping up pre-production

Read the newest dev diary here. Lots of good stuff.

Dev Diary #4

Head over to the official Satellite Reign website to read the latest dev diary. It includes a confirmation of the latest stretch goal reached, concept art for buildings, and information about the Red Star and Eternals factions. Also, the backer forum is now up.

Dev Diary #3: Preproduction progress

Head over this way to read the latest dev diary by 5 Lives Studios. It is about progress in their preproduction work and covers varying the appearance of citizens, environment prototypes and some information about root animations and AI programming. There’s also a new background image for backers!

Press coverage of the motion capturing video

A few new press pieces on Satellite Reign have popped up around the net. They are mostly covering the latest video update by 5Ls on motion capturing. If you somehow missed that or want a reminder, you can read the coverage at VG247, incgamers, or the very imaginatively named

Dev Diary #02: In-depth look at motion capture technique

A new dev diary post has appeared over at the Satellite Reign website. Mitch is explaining how they are using motion capture to make the animations for the game. There are many pictures and even a video, so go check it out.