Syndicate fan art #3

Today’s fan art piece is by deviantart user GlayMan and it is simply titled “Syndicate (1993)”:

Syndicate fan art #2

Here’s another piece of Syndicate fan art from deviantart. The piece is simply titled Eurocorp Agent, by user ~PitBOTTOM. It’s from 2012 and likely to be made in reference to the FPS by Starbreeze, but the agent look of course goes back to the original Syndicate:

Syndicate fan art #1

Over on deviantart, there’s a number of nice Syndicate fanart pieces. So during times when there is not much news on the game itself, I will from time to time post some Syndicate fanart here. The first one is simply titled ‘Syndicate’ and was uploaded to deviantart in 2008 by ~PitchBlackYetis. What you see here […]