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5LS on weapon progression

There is an interesting thread going on over at the official forum on the topic of weapon progression. A backer has expressed concerns that the weapon progression might be too linear. 5LS developer Mitch has chimed in with the following comment: We are trying to avoid the scenario where you stop wanting to use a […]

On weapon logistics and ammo

A thread on the forum that started out discussing potential weapon logistics (how to transport large and bulky weapons) then turned to the topic of ammo replenish. The question is whether agents should have “infinite pockets” for ammo. Chris from 5LS had the following to say […] the agents have 2 slots for weapons to […]

Survey e-mails not gone out yet

There’s a thread on the forum where people are wondering whether the survey e-mail (asking backers about their preferred delivery platform, shirt size, name for NPC) have gone out yet. This thread got a reply by 5LS teammember Mitch recently, who had the following to say: Hey everyone. To clarify, no, you haven’t missed out […]

Red Star faction too clicheé?

There is an ongoing discussion on the forums about the Red Star faction (read more about it in the latest Dev Diary), specifically about its name. A user by the name iferry says that he is Russian himself and that he finds the name too clicheé. It seems indeed a bit strange to have ‘Soviet […]

Satellite Reign expected to go into full production early 2014

There is a thread about the Release Timeline over on the forums, and Chris posted this in it: We have a a loose schedule atm as we are still in pre production. We expect to go into full production early next year and should be able to give everyone a bit more of an idea […]

The Question of Permadeath

The matter of agent death has been discussed on Satellite News before (read it here). Recently, a thread on that topic has emerged over on the official forum and drew the attention of one of the devs, Chris. Several forum users mention that they would like to see permadeath in the game – at least […]