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City map published

5LS have published a full map of the city in which the game takes place. Here is a snippet: The original in zoomable form is available here. The developers have also announced that work has been ongoing on porting the game from Unity3D 4 to 5, and promised a new game update “in a couple […]

5LS on customization

5LS developer Dean has been rather active on the forum recently. Here’s what he had to say in response to a question about customization: […] ————————————— Team Customisation ————————————— The team will always consist of 1 of each of the 4 classes, they will not be interchangeable/stack-able. For example, you won’t be able to have […]

Some details from the recent UI screenshots

The newest dev diary (it is #10) contained a couple of screenshots which showed off some of the in-game User Interface (UI). At a closer look, the UI elements reveal a few details about the gameplay, and also raise some questions. First of, here is a closeup of the UI overlay seen ingame: Each of […]

Dev Diary #4

Head over to the official Satellite Reign website to read the latest dev diary. It includes a confirmation of the latest stretch goal reached, concept art for buildings, and information about the Red Star and Eternals factions. Also, the backer forum is now up.

Dev Diary #3: Preproduction progress

Head over this way to read the latest dev diary by 5 Lives Studios. It is about progress in their preproduction work and covers varying the appearance of citizens, environment prototypes and some information about root animations and AI programming. There’s also a new background image for backers!

Dev Diary #02: In-depth look at motion capture technique

A new dev diary post has appeared over at the Satellite Reign website. Mitch is explaining how they are using motion capture to make the animations for the game. There are many pictures and even a video, so go check it out.

New article/interview on Red Bull UK

A new article/interview popped up over at Red Bull UK. Did you know that Red Bull now does gaming news? I certainly didn’t… Anyway, I don’t do a post about each new press item (usually I just add it to the list on the press coverage subpage), but this one is quite detailed and does […]

Backer involvement

In the first update after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, 5 Lives Studios mentioned that they want the backers to be actively involved in the making of the game: We want everyone who’s backed us to get involved. We’ll be organising the backer surveys to send out over the next few weeks and setting […]