5LS: We have ideas about what we want to do with the franchise

While the game is being updated frequently on Steam Early access (current build is v0.86) and is getting ever closer to the 1.0 release, a new interview with two members of the 5LS team has popped up online. It includes a brief recap of the Kickstarter experience, their views on Early Access, as well as […]

Steam Early Access build is live

The Steam Early-Access version of Satellite Reign has been unleashed to the masses today. This build has the number 0.2.7 and is an updated version of what was earlier released to alpha/beta tier backers. Those people who have not backed the game on Kickstarter or later through the Satellite Reign website can now purchase Early […]

Early Access release coming up

Christmas will come a bit early this year for backers of the Satellite Reign Kickstarter campaign. According to the Steam website, the Early Access version will be available from 11. December, which is less than two weeks away at the time of writing. 5 Lives Studios have said that all backers will get access to […]

Pre-Alpha released to Transistor backers, first reactions positive

Today marks the release of the first playable build of Satellite Reign to some of the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. The build is available for download via the Humble Bundle store for all backers who backed at the tier of Transistor or above. A new sub-forum has been opened over at the official Satellite […]

Pledging closed – available soon for preorder

Pledging on the Satellite Reign website has now been closed. The Pledge section on the website has been replaced by a Store, where you will currently see a banner that says “available soon for pre-order!”. The final count is: Pledged: $786’185 (in AUD, I presume) Backers: 16’848 On Twitter, the team let’s us know that […]

Survey e-mails not gone out yet

There’s a thread on the forum where people are wondering whether the survey e-mail (asking backers about their preferred delivery platform, shirt size, name for NPC) have gone out yet. This thread got a reply by 5LS teammember Mitch recently, who had the following to say: Hey everyone. To clarify, no, you haven’t missed out […]

Crowdsourcing interview with Brent Waller

Radio New Zealand has an interview up with Brent Waller, member of the 5 Lives Studios team behind Satellite Reign. The interview is mostly about Brent’s LEGO set, but it also discusses crowdfunding in general and Satellite Reign is mentioned. Listen to the interview here.

Stretch goal #5 reached: Writer and new factions/districts

The counter on the satellitereign website has passed $755’000 (currently at $755’495), which means that the fifth stretch goal has been reached! This will allow 5LS to bring Russell Zimmerman on board as writer, and we will see two new factions (The Eternals, Red Mafia) and two new districts (The Grid, Industrial) added to the […]

Subliminal messages in Satellite Reign teaser video?

Christian over at has made an interesting discovery in the Satellite Reign teaser video. He noticed that three words pop up for very short periods in the video (at seconds 1, 12, 26). Since they show up only for split seconds and can barely be read, he suggests that they could be subliminal messages, […]

Coldrum blog update / $5k left to stretchgoal

Jeremy Love has updated bis blog with a new post, which features some of his concept drawings for the Satellite Reign Kickstarter campaign. You will all be familiar with the images from the campaign, but there is one piece which we haven’t seen before: a rough sketch of the “Big Boss” drawing, which shows how […]