Satellite Reign: Lou’s review

Last updated: 3. Jan. 2017 So Satellite Reign has been out for a while, and I am finally sitting down to write a review. I have been following the development of the game rather closely between the launch of the Kickstarter campaign and the release of 1.0 and covered it on this blog and on […]

Pre-Alpha released to Transistor backers, first reactions positive

Today marks the release of the first playable build of Satellite Reign to some of the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. The build is available for download via the Humble Bundle store for all backers who backed at the tier of Transistor or above. A new sub-forum has been opened over at the official Satellite […]

Dev Diary #10: Alpha approaching

A new dev diary, number #10, is up on the Satellite News website. New screenshots, coding update, information about alpha and beta releases, a first glimpse at the soundtrack, and more!

Bladerunner inspired music: Cult of Luna – Vertikal (2012)

To tide you over while there’s no actual Satellite Reign news, here’s a music tip that is at least vaguely related: The latest album by Swedish post-metal band Cult of Luna has taken some obvious nods from the classic Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis – Bladerunner of course being a big inspiration for Syndicate Wars and […]

Evolution of Syndicate music

With Russell Shaw on the project, Satellite Reign is certain to sound good. Here’s a little recap of the music on the Syndicate games. You will all be familiar with this one: What is amazing from today’s perspective is that this 5 min track is, I believe, the entire soundtrack. There’s basically only two themes: […]