press coverage

Pre-Alpha: Gameplay videos, RPS piece

It has been an exciting couple of days since the first ever build of Satellite Reign has been released at the end of last week. A bunch of gameplay videos have gone up on youtube which show a variety of gameplay and missions. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for notifications of new videos. […]

RPS piece on Satellite Reign

RPS has a new piece on Satellite Reign up on their website. Nothing new, but it is basically a summary of the news that we have been getting from 5 Lives Studios over the last few months. Overall the author is rather cautious but appears to be pleased with the visual style. Here is a […]

5LS developer interview at Dajmin

A new interview has gone up at Dajmin. In the interview, Chris and Dean answer some questions about the development of Satellite Reign. Topics include how the project came about, going indie and the Kickstarter campaign, among other things. Here’s a quote about the motivation to make the game: […] The Syndicate series was a […]

Dev Diary #9: Info on preorder, alpha, recent videos and PAX

The ninth developer diary has gone up on the Satellite Reign homepage. It is mostly information that is already known (if you follow Satellite News, at least), but there are a few news bits. The biggest one is that they are now actively working towards an alpha release. As the Early Access release is scheduled […]

Good Game TV Feature on 5LS

Good Game TV is a a series by Australia’s national public broadcaster ABC dedicated to video gaming. In their latest feature, they cover 5 Lives Studios and their upcoming game Satellite Reign. There is a lot of good stuff in this video, including interviews with different team members, a couple of shots of the tools […]

Press coverage of the motion capturing video

A few new press pieces on Satellite Reign have popped up around the net. They are mostly covering the latest video update by 5Ls on motion capturing. If you somehow missed that or want a reminder, you can read the coverage at VG247, incgamers, or the very imaginatively named

New article/interview on Red Bull UK

A new article/interview popped up over at Red Bull UK. Did you know that Red Bull now does gaming news? I certainly didn’t… Anyway, I don’t do a post about each new press item (usually I just add it to the list on the press coverage subpage), but this one is quite detailed and does […]

New interview on VideoGameRebellion

There’s a new interview with Chris Conte up on Video Game Rebellion. No real news, but we do learn that the funding total is now at £482,620, and Chris has the following to say about the team’s next steps: We are in the process of setting up an office at the moment. Getting the internet […]