Syndicate history

Satellite Reign Wiki

Someone set up a Satellite Reign wiki over at gamepedia. There are only 5 articles at the moment, but it looks like a promising start and of course – as it is a wiki – everyone is invited to contribute and help improve it. It may be worth pointing out here that there is also […]

GOG: Syndicate Series promotion

GOG has a special promotion for the Syndicate Series going on right now. It is called Classic Gem Promo: Syndicate Series and let’s you buy Syndicate and Syndicate Wars DRM-Free for the low price of $3.58. The offer is only valid for 24 hours, though.

Is the Matrix a Syndicate Wars ripoff?

When the Matrix movie came out in 1999, it was praised not only for its impressive special effects and intense fighting scenes, but also for its intelligent plot. The central plot point of the movie is the discovery by the protagonist that the seemingly normal world he was living in is in fact fake. In […]