City Simulation: Under the Hood of SimCity’s Traffic

Over at the SimCity website there’s an interesting read about SimCity’s traffic system, for those of you who are interested in the city simulation aspects of Satellite Reign.

The SimCity traffic system seems pretty sophisticated, with a variety of vehicles (scooters, cars, trucks, rail, boats, and helicopters) and complex behaviour like vehicles changing lanes, overtaking, avoiding obstacles etc. I’ve never played the game myself so I can’t tell you how well the traffic works there, but it is interesting to note that the commenters on the mentioned article are unanimously negative about the traffic system in SimCity, one of them saying that it “just doesn’t work”.

And here’s a video that goes into some details of SimCity’s “simulation engine”.

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  1. Christian says:

    These simulation aspects of Sim City are quite interesting. I just watched another economic simulation visualisation of Sim City wich shows how goods and information are moving in the city and i’m curious, if the Satellite Reigns city is going to work the same way.

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