Database merging delayed?

There appears to be a delay with the recently announced merging of the databases. A number of people are saying that they haven’t received their notification e-mail yet (I haven’t received mine either).

So what’s going on? On Sept. 16th Chris posted this on the forum:

@jorgka & @Ronin … all of this is coming… we just need to wait for all the users to be integrated first. Not long now :)
– Chris

However, two days later he added this:

Currently our web guy is a bit overloaded trying to get all of the kickstarter backers into our system and get the surveys sent out so we have everyones details in the one place. Once we have all of that out of the way (and its a massive job) we have a bunch of little things we want to add and change around here and sigs sound like something we can put on our list :D
– Chris

I’ll keep you all posted about any further updates on the matter.

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