Dev Diary #01

5LS posted an update on Kickstarter and on the Satellite Reign webpage, titled Dev Diary #01. The team has settled in at the new office (still waiting for Internet access) and they explain their next steps:

[…] we already have the project set up in Perforce [a revision control system, -Lou], and are starting to get the basics in so we can started on our stress tests. Over the next few weeks, we will be doing stress tests to determine the size we can make the city in terms of memory and what can actually be rendered. We will also be looking at how many characters we can get on screen, how many polys they can be, how many bones and how many materials we can use. We will also be doing up a first pass production schedule so we can make sure we are all on track.

There is also news of diseases, shower habits and a chocolate mousse cake, so dig in.

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