Dev Diary #11: Release plans clarified

The latest Dev Diary is mainly about the team’s visit to PAX Aus 2014. But it also i contains some clarifications regarding the upcoming releases of the beta build and the early-access release on Steam. 5LS announced that the beta will be available as early as next week! The beta build will be available to all backers who backed at 29£ or more. Sometimes in December we will see the game appear on Steam as an Early Access title. This early access release will be available to all backers of the game!

The speed of development seems pretty crazy at the moment, considering that the (fairly rough) alpha build happened not so long ago and we will see two more releases this year. Of course, the game will not be “done” yet in December, and it will likely remain in Early Access for some time. Nothing is known yet about how long the early access phase will last and when we will see a final “1.0” release (that will probably depend on a variety of factors, including backer feedback and how many bugs pop up).

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