Dev Diary #9: Info on preorder, alpha, recent videos and PAX

The ninth developer diary has gone up on the Satellite Reign homepage. It is mostly information that is already known (if you follow Satellite News, at least), but there are a few news bits. The biggest one is that they are now actively working towards an alpha release. As the Early Access release is scheduled for the end of this year, and there will be both an alpha and a beta release before that, it would appear that we can expect the alpha within the next couple of months.

Another new information is that the distribution for backers will be handled by Humble Bundle. Backers will be able to either download from there directly or redeem a Steam key. It seems to me that this is a good choice, as Humble Bundle is an established platform for smaller and medium games, they are experienced with cross-platform releases, and most of all it relieves 5LS of the burden to manage the key delivery themselves.

Finally, we get a few new animated gifs webm video snippets of a scene that was also seen in the recent Good Game video. Main highlight in that in-game scene is a small flying object, which I am guessing is a police drone. It is seen shooting blue laser beams and causing panic in the crowd:

police-drone2 police-drone3

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