Early Access release coming up

Christmas will come a bit early this year for backers of the Satellite Reign Kickstarter campaign. According to the Steam website, the Early Access version will be available from 11. December, which is less than two weeks away at the time of writing. 5 Lives Studios have said that all backers will get access to this version, not only alpha/beta tier backers. Non-backers will be able to purchase early-access, obviously. The alpha and beta periods will then both have lasted roughly one month (the alpha build was released on 9. October and the beta build on 18. November).

The Steam website also has a short Q&A with some new information. First, there is this about the release date:

We plan to launch Satellite Reign in its entirety in the first half of 2015. However, we plan to continue updating the title after the full release

Furthermore, there are some details about what will be included in the early access build:

[…] The city is divided into four main districts, each one themed and controlled by different factions. This initial release contains the entirety of the first district, the Downtown District.

All of the districts have been built, but the Downtown District is designed as the first area players will explore, and so we feel it is the best area to serve as a test-bed for our core mechanics.

The following is a short list of a few of the features available in the current Early Access build.

All four player agent classes.
Agent skill and ability upgrades.
Cover-system for both players and NPCs.
Mission/quest system.
Weapon loudouts and upgrades.
Gear/item researching.
Destructible cover.

The following is a list of features which are presently being implemented, but not currently included in this build for balance and stability reasons.

Agent cloning.
Additional skills, abilities, weapons, items, etc.
Factional relationships.
Propaganda system.
Playable tutorial mission.
Iron-Man Mode.

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