Evolution of Syndicate music

With Russell Shaw on the project, Satellite Reign is certain to sound good. Here’s a little recap of the music on the Syndicate games. You will all be familiar with this one:

What is amazing from today’s perspective is that this 5 min track is, I believe, the entire soundtrack. There’s basically only two themes: the ‘base theme’ and the ‘action theme’ (starts at 2:05), which kicks in whenever enemies are approaching, the rest being variations on those. It is notable how unobtrusive it is and how it, while being very simplistic, does a great job of building up tension and suspense.

The soundtrack of Syndicate Wars will bring back a lot of memories. Here’s the first track:

For EA’s syndicate FPS, the music went into a very different direction. You can clearly hear that they’ve built this track around the original Syndicate theme, but the mixture with dubstep/techno is perhaps not to everybody’s taste:

We get a first impression of what Satellite Reign will sound like from the Kickstarter / gameplay visualization video. As mentioned by 5LS in the Reddit AMA, the music in this was actually made by Russell Shaw:

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