New article/interview on Red Bull UK

A new article/interview popped up over at Red Bull UK. Did you know that Red Bull now does gaming news? I certainly didn’t… Anyway, I don’t do a post about each new press item (usually I just add it to the list on the press coverage subpage), but this one is quite detailed and does have some interesting news and never-heard-before statements by the devs. Regarding the rapid progress possible with today’s tools, MikeD says:

I would say we are already further along with Satellite Reign than we were after a year of developing Syndicate Wars.

There are also hints at how they plan on creating so much content with a team of only five people:

We can’t create two thousand unique AAA quality buildings like a $50 million budget game can, […] But we can make 100 AAA quality pieces that fit together in an almost infinite number of ways to make an epic, futuristic city.

Most intriguingly, there’s this note about coop multiplayer:

Though the team failed to meet the £650,000 Kickstarter stretch goal for it, they’re pushing ahead with co-operative multiplayer, so you’ll be able do it all with your friends online.

I would take this with a grain of salt until we hear it from the devs directly, but if true it would be fabulous news indeed. Read the full piece here.

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