On the road towards stretch goal #4

The latest official number we have for the total amount of funding is £481,739.75. That number is from August 6th and it includes errored Kickstarter pledges. The PayPal-pledges have probably gone up a bit since then, however we can’t calculate an exact number at this point because it is not known how many of the Kickstarter pledges failed to process. All in all it appears that there is about £18k missing to the next stretch goal, #4, which would bring on Russell (yes, another Russell) Zimmerman as a writer as well as new factions/districts.

The stretch goals reached so far are:

  1. Russell Shaw as composer
  2. Localisation / Translation
  3. Environmental Destruction

It seems likely that #4 will be reached over the coming weeks and months, however the remaining goals #5 (more factions/districts), #6 (multiplayer coop) and the enigmatic #7 (???) are probably out of reach.

And here’s a quote from Mike Diskett for those of you who are wondering whether reaching (more) stretch goals would delay the release of the game:


BTW the stretch goals allow us to hire more staff so don’t actually lengthen the dev time..


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