On weapon logistics and ammo

A thread on the forum that started out discussing potential weapon logistics (how to transport large and bulky weapons) then turned to the topic of ammo replenish. The question is whether agents should have “infinite pockets” for ammo. Chris from 5LS had the following to say

[…] the agents have 2 slots for weapons to start with 1) the pistol slot that never runs out of ammo and 2) the “regular” weapons that have a finite amount of ammo … if you want your agents to carry more weapons / ammo you will be able to get augmentations that allow you to carry more… but that is a choice you will have to make..
so its more like “deep pockets” rather than “infinite pockets” :P
at the moment you pickup ammo from the enemies weapons that fall to the ground (click on them and the agent will go over and pickup ammo) but I could set it up so that if you alt + click on them you pick up the weapon and start using that one (discarding the one you are holding) …

– Chris

Later on, MikeD joined the discussion with a response to some ideas suggested in the thread:

I’d like the crazy oversized weapons to have an unfold animation, so they start much smaller then when the agent pulls em out they go through their unfold animation, that could look really really cool. But as ever its a matter of time constraints, its down our wish list rather than an essential item.

@Liuz I like the idea of using car trunks, even more so if you consider self driving cars, you call up a new weapon load out and its deployed to you via a car, (a little like the shop delivery helpers in Dota).


It remains to be seen then whether any of that makes it into the final game ;)

Later on in the thread, the discussion turned to whether the weapons in Satellite Reign should be crazy and over the top, or more realistic. In a comment on the topic, MikeD remarked that Syndicate Wars had fairly crazy weapons, more so than the original Syndicate. Personally, I feel that the weapons could be rather crazy, but they should still be “realistic” in a sense that they should be believable as existing in a future version of our world (unfortunately, the “science” in “science fiction” is often neglected these days).

Furthermore, MikeD hinted at the possibility that the game might support a 320×240 resolution, which would make nostalgics like me very happy indeed :)

Running SR at 320×240, looks kinda cute, might have to put that in as a playable mode :)


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