Patch 0.2.10 out

Release Notes (source):

We’ve got a new update for Satellite Reign available.

This update does include some significant changes to the Save/Load system. We’ve tried to make sure it is still backwards compatible with old saves, and it seems to be working in our testing. When an old save is detected, it will be slightly modified to work with the new system, which will update the timestamp on the file. If you have troubles with old saves, please send us your save file so we can identify the cause.

Also, we are aware of the heavy slowdown when loading. It will last for a few seconds while various things in the world are generated, and then return to normal.

On to the changelist!

New skills and items (all work-in-progress)
Distraction grenade.
Neural scramble.
Sniper setup.
Draw Fire.

General Changes
Setup re-spawn costs based on progression, items and skill points.
Reduce starting funds to 1000.
Setup new “Harden” skill VFX.
Slight reduction of ammo on all weapons.
Add charge indicator VFX to sniper-rifles.
Save Slots. Ten of them. YES, TEN!
Added a conversion step to convert old save format to new.
Simplified Save/Load system.
Go-to and Cover indicator that’s larger and fancier.
First pass at Clone Screen in the UI and agent customisation. Still very much work-in-progress.
Fixed health offset actually offsetting the health multiplier.
Setup multiple map states for ATMs and Relay Beacons
set everyone gets a pistol by default
fixed shield sizes
fixed being able to toggle enemy weapons
A Tutorial, noobies rejoice!
Cars can u turn, Hover Style.
Prep work for streaming assets.
Fixed clicking on cover when you meant the nearer scenery.

Plus lots of work to other systems and districts yet to be unveiled!

Mac and Linux builds are lagging behind a little bit, but should be available within the next 24 hours. Apologies!

Thanks everyone to all of your feedback and bug reports. Keep them coming!

– Mitch

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