Subliminal messages in Satellite Reign teaser video?

Christian over at has made an interesting discovery in the Satellite Reign teaser video. He noticed that three words pop up for very short periods in the video (at seconds 1, 12, 26). Since they show up only for split seconds and can barely be read, he suggests that they could be subliminal messages, intended to affect the viewers subconsciously. What gives this some credibility is that the words are CONFORM, OBEY and SUBMIT, which obviously make a lot of sense in the context of a Kickstarter campaign – although we might have expected CONFORM, OBEY and PLEDGE in that case :)

The theory is not beyond doubt, however, as the three words are actually part of a visual effect (video signal distortion) and remain on screen long enough to be noticed consciously, although barely readable, which makes them not as secret as we would expect from a subliminal message. Another thing that suggest to me that these messages are not really meant to be secret is that 5LS uses one of them, the word CONFORM in distorted blue letters, as their background image on their youtube channel.

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  1. Christian says:

    I guess it is at least intended to “look like” subliminal messages. ^^

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