News tidbits

Various news tidbits today:

Mike and Chris supposedly gave a talk at Brisbane Unity Developers meetup today, according to this announcement. It is not known whether there will a recording or report of the talk.

Satellite Reign was mentioned in the Unite 2013 keynote, which you can watch here. The mention is very brief and only shows a few seconds from the gameplay visualization / tech demo video, so nothing that you need to see yourself.

5LS are working on a piece for For Devs By Devs about the Kickstarter campaign. It will be interesting to learn how they feel about it in hindsight – I’ll be sure to post an update when it goes live.

Kickstarter will reportedly come to Australia and New Zealand. This will obviously not affect the Satellite Reign campaign anymore, but it may make things easier for 5LS if they ever do another campaign (expansion? sequel?). If they don’t decide to do a U$D campaign instead, that is.

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