Gameplay video details: HUD display

Thanks to the recent gameplay video, we now have a much better idea of what the various ingame HUD display elements are for. The three horizontal bars that I’ve speculated about turn out to be health (red), shield (yellow), and ammo (green). The one for ammo consists of two separate bars, a larger and a smaller one, showing the ammo for primary and secondary weapon, supposedly. As for the four hexagon shaped elements left of the portraits: In the video, we see the first one of those blink in a yellow color once the agents are “trespassing” in an area where they are not authorized to be. The other hexagons then might indicate higher levels of danger, or perhaps how strongly the agents are being looked after by the police (= stars in GTA?). The two small triangles next to the agents’ portrait show an antenna signal (left) and the equipped weapon (right). The smaller icons at the bottom, which I first thought were inventory slots, turn out to be abilities. In the video, we see demonstrations of three abilities: healing, world scan (with a really cool visual effect) and grenade.


What appears to be missing from the HUD, then, is an option to drug your agents. So that may not be in the game, or it may get added later, as the HUD is apparently not finalized yet. A couple of things that I noticed and that I suspect may not be final yet are the following: The HUD does not show which agent(s) are currently selected. That seems a bit odd. <update>: actually, it does, but the effect (highlighting) is very subtle and hard to see. </update> Another thing is that the agents have a small portrait over their head, which is probably supposed to help identify them at a quick glance. The small portrait adds quite a bit of visual clutter, though, and does not really appear to be needed as clicking on the large portrait at the bottom would presumably be the fastest way to select a specific agent anyway. It will be interesting to see how the HUD develops in future versions of the game. As 5LS have recently announced that they hired a dedicated UI artist, we can probably look forward to a number of changes, at least on the visual side.

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