Patch 0.2.9

A new patch has gone live on Steam, which brings the game to 0.2.9. It includes a ton of bugfixes and some new features. Full patch notes:

Update Version 0.2.9 Release Notes

NOTE: Lots of fixes have been put in place for the save game in this release. This does mean that previous saves will not work with the new version of the game.

Mac: There’s a known issue with some mac’s that we haven’t been able to recreate/fix yet where it doesn’t run in medium or fantastic quality, for now select “Older PC Quality” then in the options menu enable the settings suitable for your mac.

Bug fixes and gameplay changes:

Atm suspicion values fixed (no longer going into negatives)
Fix Infiltrators sword attack animations
Fix Infiltrators sword attack energy drain
Infiltrators sword attack charge distance increased to 15m
Melee kick distance reduced to 3m
Add District + Location Bonuses info in resource panel
Fix guard station not giving bonuses
Fix assassination bonus not working
Fix cctv slowdown not working (District level)
Decreased base cctv suspicion time to 3.5
Fix bug where cctv suspicion was climbing at half rate
Increased time for cctv cameras to stay suspicious before cooling down
Fix skills saving and loading
Fix not being able to run or sprint if the agent is already walking
Added vertical scale markers to status bars.
Added more user interface sound effects
Update quest logs to show all previous entries. (Collapsing individual entries still to come)
Fix not being able to spawn soldier with load and save bug.
Fix Load and Save of parked cars, fix traffic breaking after load game
Fix Brain Dead Civilians
Fix Cowering Civilians
Add Jobs and BasicInteraction to save System
Load And Save popus up a success/fail window
Fix Stuttering Enemies and repeated vocals
Stop Enemies seeing you through walls on occasion
Fix agents refusing to Move after reviving in cover
Fix 30 second pause when destroying some cover
Fix item association with facilities not saving and loading
Consolidated doctors and scientists into 1 “Researchers” category
Issue agent commands on mouse down rather than mouse up.
Orient Players to vertical when exiting car on a slope
Fix hijacked civs not using cover

Thanks again for all the input, videos and bug reports! They really help us figure out what some of the big problems are and how to fix them. :D
– Chris

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