5LS on office equipment and story / UI brainstorming

In an update on the Kickstarter comment section, Mike lets us know that the team has moved into the new office and spent their first work day there. He goes into some details of the equipment which they apparently bought rather cheap from recently liquidated companies. In more directly game related news, Mike added the following intriguing but nebulous statement:

We had a good brain storm session today that covered various key pieces of back story and a lot of world elements that feed into how the player interacts with the game, its all really cool but I don’t want to ruin things for you except to say its going to be a bit of a unique interface into the game world in some respects for non criticial gameplay items, think UI/huds/menus that sort of thing as well as dialogue and interacting with civs/vip’s etc.

We are also reminded that nothing is final at this point and that these early ideas are not necessarily what will be in the final game. Read the entire post here.

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