stretch goals

Stretch goal #5 reached: Writer and new factions/districts

The counter on the satellitereign website has passed $755’000 (currently at $755’495), which means that the fifth stretch goal has been reached! This will allow 5LS to bring Russell Zimmerman on board as writer, and we will see two new factions (The Eternals, Red Mafia) and two new districts (The Grid, Industrial) added to the […]

Coldrum blog update / $5k left to stretchgoal

Jeremy Love has updated bis blog with a new post, which features some of his concept drawings for the Satellite Reign Kickstarter campaign. You will all be familiar with the images from the campaign, but there is one piece which we haven’t seen before: a rough sketch of the “Big Boss” drawing, which shows how […]

On the road towards stretch goal #4

The latest official number we have for the total amount of funding is £481,739.75. That number is from August 6th and it includes errored Kickstarter pledges. The PayPal-pledges have probably gone up a bit since then, however we can’t calculate an exact number at this point because it is not known how many of the […]