Pre-Alpha released to Transistor backers, first reactions positive

Today marks the release of the first playable build of Satellite Reign to some of the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. The build is available for download via the Humble Bundle store for all backers who backed at the tier of Transistor or above. A new sub-forum has been opened over at the official Satellite Reign forum to post comments and questions about the alpha build. Bugs should be reported through a mechanism ingame.

First reactions in the forum of backers who played the build seem to be predominantly positive. There is high praise especially for the dark sci-fi atmosphere and the music. As was to be expected, there are also plenty of bugs and problems reported, which are sure to keep the 5LS guys busy for a while.

Expect more news soon as more information and hopefully also video of the alpha build will emerge online.

Here is the (probably) first ever user recorded gameplay video on youtube:

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