The Question of Permadeath

The matter of agent death has been discussed on Satellite News before (read it here). Recently, a thread on that topic has emerged over on the official forum and drew the attention of one of the devs, Chris. Several forum users mention that they would like to see permadeath in the game – at least […]

Interview: Chris and Dean on contractors, randomization, vehicles, guns and more!

I contacted the 5 Lives Studio team this week with a couple of interview questions, and I’m very happy that Chris and Dean took the time to answer them. So here is the interview: 1. Have you gotten the fast internet connection set up in your new office? Does the legal stuff (founding the company) […]

City Simulation: Under the Hood of SimCity’s Traffic

Over at the SimCity website there’s an interesting read about SimCity’s traffic system, for those of you who are interested in the city simulation aspects of Satellite Reign. The SimCity traffic system seems pretty sophisticated, with a variety of vehicles (scooters, cars, trucks, rail, boats, and helicopters) and complex behaviour like vehicles changing lanes, overtaking, […]

Matters of perspective

Syndicate Wars differed from the original Syndicate in a number of areas, the most significant change undoubtedly being the jump from 2D to 3D graphics. It was very early days for 3D and although groundbreaking at the time, the 3D implementation did bring some problems. One issue is that the freely rotating camera made it […]

The Death Penalty

One of the topics discussed in the second developer chat was the death of an agent. As you know, in Syndicate and Syndicate Wars there was perma-death, which means that once an agent is dead, her or she is gone, and you have to recruit a new one from the cryo chamber. The penalty is […]