Some details from the recent UI screenshots

The newest dev diary (it is #10) contained a couple of screenshots which showed off some of the in-game User Interface (UI). At a closer look, the UI elements reveal a few details about the gameplay, and also raise some questions. First of, here is a closeup of the UI overlay seen ingame:


Each of the four agents from the team has one such UI element, presumably used primarily to select that agent. At the center is the agent’s portrait. To the left of it, there are four little hexagon-shaped elements. In one of the screenshots, one of the hexagon shapes is filled out with yellow color. My first guess was that this shows whether the agent is selected or not. However, on second thought it does not really make sense as an agent can only be selected or unselected, and there is no need for four elements. Could it perhaps indicate how many agents are grouped together at a time? If so, it could correspond to this element in Syndicate Wars: syndicate_wars_UI_element

This is just a guess, though, and it may be something totally different.

Below the portrait, there are three horizontal bars. They would appear to be status indicators, one for health, another one could be shield, the third perhaps for ammo? If so, this would raise the question where the UI elements for drugging the agents are – drugging being a prominent feature both in the original Syndicate and in Syndicate Wars. Another possibility is that my guess is wrong and the three bars are in fact for drugging? If so, this would mean a return “back to the roots”, that is to the three-ways drug system of the original Syndicate:


Further down, below the bars, you can see the inventory slots. They are mostly empty on the screenshots we have, but you can see a hand grenade icon (with three grenades?), a flashbang (?) and what appears to be a health kit.

More interesting info comes from the UI design, which is being done by Liz Ballantyne, as we learn in the dev diary. Besides showing off the WETWIRED V2 TERMINAL item, the screenshot appears to show off the resource system. We find three resource items in the top right corner:


These appear to be dollars (obviously), and then health supplies (?) and uranium/something nuclear? That those are in fact resources is indicated by the “Requirements” line on the WETWIRED item, which apparently requires 100$, 3 medical supplies, and one uranium (?):


How we gain those resources (besides money) is still unknown. Luckily, the release of the alpha version is nearing and we will soon know much more about it.

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